New strategies for destinations based on the megatrends of nature and health.
Joint marketing and networking under an international label!

New trends
and old values

Two current tourism mega-trends and their target groups are looking for attractive nature and health destinations without having to travel far. Many traditional spas and health resorts are looking for new guest and revenue potential, have proven, local remedies and are located in the middle of beautiful nature.

Never have the opportunities been greater to combine the two and allow forward-thinking spas and health destinations to flourish!

European Health Destinations
accompanies the places along the way,
– takes them into an emerging European network and
– awards them with an image-shaping label.

Let’s open a new chapter in health tourism and become part of a strong movement!

The time has never been more favorable for health destinations to align themselves attractively and successfully for the future!

There are completely new opportunities and perspectives for health tourism today. Many prerequisites for this already exist, others must be created. Then new, innovative paths to a successful future will open up. All that is needed is the will to change. This applies in particular to spas and health resorts, which, according to STATISTA, accounted for 75 million overnight stays by guests throughout Germany in 2018 alone and can thus ignite considerable potential in tourism.

Why is this and what does it mean?

According to the Zukunftsinstitut, “health” and “nature” are among today’s mega trends. Mega trends are deep social currents of change. They point to the markets of the future.

If both are combined in an innovative and contemporary way in predestined destinations such as health resorts and some regions, a mega opportunity arises there that always leads to success if the right steps are chosen.

Renaissance for health resorts

Increasing crises and growing health problems are responsible for the fact that more and more people are looking for time out in nature and want to do something specifically for their physical and mental health. Today, they are much more nature-conscious, much more informed about their personally relevant health factors and have new demands on the perfect destination and supporting program for this purpose.

Most spas and health resorts have been suffering from a structural crisis, particularly since the 1990s, accompanied by a massive decline in the number of guests. However, most of these destinations are very often located in an attractive natural landscape and have specific, local remedies, but rarely the conditions, attractions and programs that are necessary today.

What are the prospects today?

Many spas, health resorts and comparable destinations can start into a new, successful future if they redefine health and nature for themselves, rediscover their place-based, regional “treasures” and set a new course with an innovative, individual and customized concept. Just as, for example, the AIDA concept in the nineties completely rethought cruising through creative concepts, making it attractive to a much broader and younger target group.

First feedback on the EHD label

“As a place close to the border, we want to make our guests aware of the outstanding value of our unique nature and health infrastructure. This is exactly what we succeed in doing with the European Health Destination concept.”

Dr. Dirk Thom

Managing Director, Badenweiler Tourismus GmbH

“With the European Health Destination concept, we can position ourselves well in both national and international markets. The brand essence ‘Health with the forces of nature’ reflects well the core competence of Bad Pyrmont.”

Dr. Maik Fischer

Resort Director, Bad Pyrmont