These are the advantages offered by the innovative European Health Destination® concept:

Becoming more visible as a European Health Destination across Europe

It’s a law of nature: more visibility leads to more guests. More guests mean more turnover and prosperity in the place or region. This is what the distinctive and easily understandable label Best “European Health Destination” is intended to serve, in which we group together all places and predestined destinations that meet our criteria for this. This enables a strong signal effect on markets all over Europe, and that in connection with a strong health tourism profile.

In this way, you tap into a potential of over 200 million possible guests, both nationally and internationally. As a group, we market ourselves at trade fairs, road shows, on the Internet, in networks, etc., and inspire each other with the most effective ideas and programs to become ever more successful together.

Dr. Kurt von Storch

Hermann Ufer

Professional accompaniment by proven specialists

We accompany you on your way to becoming a top European destination with a focus on health and nature. For this purpose, a network of experts is available, among others from the fields of health and medicine, tourism, branding, corporate development and nature/environment. We analyze the actual situation, find the real “natural treasures” and health potentials, develop a tailor-made tourism concept together with you and give your location the unmistakable image of a strong brand. In doing so, we like to work together with a pool of competent service providers, locally, nationally and internationally. And we see ourselves more as mentors who set the important impulses, but are happy to leave the implementation in the hands of the destinations’ expert and trusted cooperation partners.



Significantly attract more guests and increase sales. 

Target groups:

Attract new, younger, primarily self-paying target groups with a suitable offer and retain existing guests even more with new programs.


Discover existing added values and offer them in a contemporary way, create new attractions, develop a differentiating, attractive, contemporary profile and use the new options of modern communication effectively and cost-efficiently.


Offer physical and mental health with the place-based forces of nature and in harmony with nature, use new methods of analysis and application, and create tourist attractions in accordance with local opportunities.

Starting point and procedure


It all starts with the will to change. In addition, there is openness to innovative ideas, a new profile, professional help, practical support, attractive, contemporary offers and programs, and awareness of a sustainable, resource-conserving orientation of the destination. Furthermore, place-based natural healing forces, health-promoting institutions and applications, and an attractive natural landscape are prerequisites.


If these prerequisites are partially or fully met, inclusion in the network of “Best European Health Destinations” can be made by EHD Certification.
If there is a need or desire for change and optimization, the EHD Consulting Team can provide advice and support.