Benefits of consulting

Consulting/guidance by experienced tourism experts:

  • Systematic inventory of all natural healing factors (water, soil, climate, vegetation, etc.) and recording of health tourism utilization possibilities (product development)
  • Development of marketing strategies in workshops and studies.
  • Creation of marketing concepts based on new knowledge of health and nature.
  • Storytelling: writing a story about the origin of the thermal water to make it more interesting in the eyes of the guest, description of the local peat deposits and the specific characteristics or explanation of the regional healing climate with its specific characteristics, so that from the eyes of the viewer, the special importance of the destinations in relation, to its healing factors becomes clear and valuable.

Our expertise

Our competence is based on …

  • the consulting of a total of 51 tourism clients, from smaller destinations to worldwide corporations.
  • the support of innovative, partly revolutionary new tourism concepts such as the AIDA concept.
  • the support of destinations on their way from mass tourism to an individual, profiled, attractive brand, from quantitative to qualitative growth and from a place close to nature to a sought-after destination in the midst of inspiring nature and place-based natural remedies.
  • exploring and evaluating healing springs and spas and conducting training courses in quality topics in 42 countries worldwide.

Your benefits

Destinations that work with us can count on the following:

  • Clear analysis results
  • Honest, open opinions
  • Sensitive, but goal-oriented coordination processes
  • Entrepreneurial and partnership-based thinking
  • Professional, understandable, practical strategies
  • New, individually suitable ideas and suggestions
  • Efficiency-based marketing proposals
  • Best network connections

Our mission

In our consulting, we know only one direction: the premium profile of the destination that leads to growth.

In addition to knowledge of tourism trends, innovative idea generation, analysis-based evaluation, strategic orientation, high-profile certification, brand and marketing developments, our following skills are of particular benefit, especially in cooperation with municipal partners:

  • Convincing, credible presentation
  • Goal-oriented and motivating moderation and communication
  • Time-, budget- and result-oriented project management
  • Constant monitoring and control
  • Effective use of modern media
  • Consistent focus on economic and ecological aspects, on the most important target groups and the maximum positive effect in the public eye


  • Get-to-know meeting
  • Coordination of project goals, steps, decision-makers, times, budgets, partners, etc.
  • Analysis of the status quo
  • Evaluation of the results and concretization of the goals / perspectives / costs / benefits
  • Development of a customized strategy and the appropriate concept
  • Initiation of all implementation steps and measures
  • Coordination and alignment of all phases/project stages
  • Development of an adapted profile as well as marketing and communication plan

First ideas and inspirations


With a focus predominantly on younger singles, couples, families and groups who are health and nature-savvy, the demands and characteristics of these people also become clear:
– They are much more deeply informed about their health, wear fitness bracelets, and have a personalized program to promote their health.
– They have a much more conscious and mental relationship with nature.
– They want their vacations to be more contemporary, creative and interactive


The following ideas are in line with this trend and some are already practiced this way:
– “Forest bathing” has long been “in fashion” in Germany as well, but discovering the forest intensively with its healing, sensitive and surprising impulses and forces opens up a new awareness to immerse oneself in nature. And treats the soul to a time-out from stress. target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Translated with DeepL

New analysis methods, also beyond medical care – e.g. based on hair samples – make it possible to develop an individual fitness, health, nutrition and recovery program for the local vacation – and in harmony with the local natural healing powers and applications. – Bachelor parties are usually associated with high alcohol consumption and goofing off events. More and more young people, however, prefer a more adventurous and group dynamic program with and in nature, preferably not far away for CO2 avoiding reasons. – Hiking on premium trails has long since given some regions new tourist impetus. But if accompanying donkeys, llamas or ponies are added, the boring family hike becomes an exciting “expedition” with the kids into nature. – Spa parks, historic buildings, grottos, caves, forest clearings, dune landscapes, lakes, rivers, etc. radiate certain charms. With sophisticated light and sound systems, they can be transformed into an unforgettable, emotional world of experience in the evening or on certain occasions.


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