The international label “European Health Destination”

With the international label EHD we want to give tourists orientation and security: These destinations offer health programs based on nature and meet the requirements we have defined for nature and health.

What are the benefits?

– catchy, self-explanatory logo; it explains to the viewer at a glance the core competence of the respective destinations and their geographical location in Europe
more guests due to increased awareness
offers are qualitatively upgraded
a network of like-minded people helps with strategic development
marketing opportunities as a group of the “Best European Health Destinations
– Comprehensive audit gives new impulses for the strategic development of the destination

How to get the label?

To carry the label “European Health Destination”®:

Is a place or region a European Health Destination in our sense? For this purpose, we first carry out an assessment, which takes 2-3 days and covers the following areas:
– Tourism
– Diagnostics and therapy
– Nature and sustainability
– Stress indicators
– Safety and
– local remedies

Those who meet our criteria can demonstrate this with the European Health Destination® sign.


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