Added value for health resorts through the European Health Destination® concept

New with the European Health Destination® concept
Health according to the spa principle
Spa environment, local remedies and spa treatments
Health based on modern methods of analysis and therapy as well as contemporary natural resources and perceptions
1. state-of-the-art diagnostic options and individualized health/fitness/nutrition strategies derived from these options
2. latest applications with and in nature on site, both physically and psychologically - with the integration of site-specific remedies
Understanding nature
Natural healing powers and well-kept/designed natural facilities
Understanding of nature, especially for young people
Nature as a mental, inspirational force and authentic place of longing/retreat. Contemporary environmental and nature conditions on site
Analysis and optimization of local tourist conditions for successful marketing
New, forward-looking, profiling strategy based on health and nature. New, creative ideas and impulses for a noticeable increase in attractiveness and relevance as a contemporary, desirable destination for more specific and broader target groups.
Predication according to legal guidelines
Ensuring quality standards of medical and tourist infrastructure in health resorts
Complementary to this in conjunction with the "European Health Destinations" brand:
Integration into an active, European network of the best health and nature destinations. Mutual inspiration through new ideas, information, experiences and recommendations.

Examples of change: elements of a health destination using the example of a health resort – yesterday and tomorrow

Traditional elements of the spa
Future elements of the spa
The place-based remedy (medicinal water, moor, climate, etc.), which can be prescribed by a doctor as an application and is partly integrated into a therapy and billed to the health insurance companies.
The site-bound remedy becomes a unique natural monument with healing properties. The water or the moor, for example, forms the basis for the outstanding position of the place or the destination and becomes a guest experience. It works like a magic on people. The deep dimension of origin, age and natural uniqueness is made tangible.
The house of the guest as a "communication, information and training center for patients and spa guests".
The House of the Guest becomes a meeting place to communicate the unique nature, to get to know the health-promoting powers of the local remedy and meeting place and exchange between the guests and the destination. It is also a site for events and artistic experience of remedy, place and nature.
The spa park as a center of attraction of the spa is a zone of rest, communication and a venue of events for entertainment.
The spa park invites to interactive use and fascinates by design, architecture and atmosphere. The healing springs present here unite with the park to a "symbiosis of nature and health". The park is the starting point for a journey into nature and, where possible, transitions into increasingly natural sections.
Terrain spa walkways are therapeutically measured and differentiated into different load levels
Terrain spa walkways also become experience paths with professionally designed, dramaturgically the nature experienceable and tangible zones of peace and contemplation.
The nature in the surroundings often embeds the spa in a harmonious landscape, includes terrain spa trails and is used as a recreational area.
Nature is made tangible and its fascination accessible to guests. For this purpose, information boards, viewpoints, meditation areas, observation areas, areas of physical activity and areas of relaxation and reflection.

Certification: European Health Destination® 

“Health-promoting through generally recognised natural properties”

    • There are areas of unspoilt nature that are used for health tourism.
    • Programmes with health objectives are offered (e.g. mindfulness workshops, barefoot paths, moor treading, forest bathing, therapies using nature).
    • In addition, there are offers for the tourist experience of nature (e.g. guided tours, activities, art)
    • There are defined limits for disturbance factors (e.g. noise, emissions, bio-climatic stress, hazards).

European Health Destination® (EHD) at a glance

Status quo
Spas and health resorts: Health care reforms in many places led to significant decline in guests since the nineties.
Mega-Trend: Health and nature tourism grows with new needs, impulses and target groups.
Changing needs: Increasing crises and more frequent illnesses of body and soul cause a strong desire for customized health prevention and time out from everyday stress.
Insight: New environmental, nature and health awareness - recognizing the benefits and added values of today's trends.
Change: Perceive the potential of targeted and controlled change and allow new ideas to emerge.
Awakening: Strengthening the values that have evolved and launching into a new future with innovative, contemporary impulses.
Discover: Analyze existing added values and rediscover "treasures" from nature and health on site.
Develop: To use new methods in health care, to involve nature more in real and mental terms, and to adapt contemporary, attractive tourist offers to existing and new target groups.
Unfold: Present and certify the destination with a new profile and program.
Guests: Provide healing and rest for body and soul where nature gives its best.
Destination: More and new guests, more turnover, positively differentiating profile, positively animating resonances.
Added value
Award: Become a member of the circle of preferred European health destinations (Best "European Health Destinations").
Network: Integration into an interactive, European network of the best and most successful health and nature destinations.
Benefit: Mutual inspiration through new ideas, information, experience and recommendations, sales and marketing advantages.